would you walk with me?

Scribbled Verse

would you walk with me?

would you walk with me through the wildest storms, wracking distant fields of green,

beneath raucous whirlwinds, under the lightning shrieks of night,

where yearning aches,
where my heart splinters,
where this cold world wounds,

would you take my hand in yours,
taking flight,

to soar in the haunted shimmering
of fractured moonlight.

would you take my hand - and with me disappear?

from this cesspool of hurt,
from this cauldron of fear,

to our pastures of peace,
not so far away from the now,


not so removed from the here.

would you lay your heart,

to rest
beside mine?


ceaseless laughs and


our love, a reflection

of our desires, our fears,

sharing a placid calm, banishing aches and


for our love rejects all labels,

our love discards the detritus of this callous life,

our love dares to dream our…

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9 thoughts on “would you walk with me?

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      1. Haha! Don’t get surprised at all, my dearest comrade, because my profession is a teacher of French language as well as a French-English freelance translator in many kinds of topics and domains in the translation industry. You can find me in my Proz.com professional address which is http://www.proz.com/profile/3341470 Thank you very much for your friendship and our happy and mutual sharing! God bless you and take good care of your father. My best regards, dear Adzal.

      2. How wonderful, my comrade-in-arms ✊🏾. What a wonderful way to be able to appreciate literature and poetry in more than just one language! I shall indeed visit your profile and thank YOU as always for YOUR comradeship and sisterly friendship 🌿. Have a peaceful and gentle evening.

      3. Thanks a lot, dear friend, it’s really consolating to have such a nice and polite friend like you. Nowadays, real and genuine friendship is one of a kind to find and to keep it sound and save as it’s been from its beginning despite any obstacle or distance or anything else. Yes, I am infatuated with my job and generally with foreign languages since my childhood as well as with the military life on the other hand, but my dad was a little bit strict and hypeprotective and didn’t let me to follow the military path-doctor science I’d love to do so much, but I urged my kids to do so, thus I am happy with my kids being pride militaries for their country and their grandpa’s heroic memory as well. On the other hand, I hadn’t the chance to get a professional teaching post in Public Greek Education because of my 13 years of struggle to have my late mother in bed and take care of her illness’s needs which was the rare autoimmune called reumatoarthrytis… Anyway, God had mercy on her and took her, but she was smoking one pack of cigarettes, yes, even in bed, and it was her own way to leave much earlier because and go to meet her beloved husband.. Well, I could talk to you for hours about my life’s trials and tribulations, but it isn’t your fault to listen to me, so, I am sending you my warm and friendly greetings and wishes for all of your dreams to come true! My best struggling regards, comrade!

      4. Muy companerá, the paths you have chosen in your life and the struggles and the tribulations, I truly believe, are one of the reasons that you are who you are on a human and on a political and on principled and moral solid ground! My mother passed away after a long struggle with Motor-Neurone Disease and I have some understanding of what it takes to take care of an elderly parent with a terminal illness. Your love for and your taking such good care of your beloved mother is one more way in which you honour your father’s heroic memory ✊🏾. It is not easy at all to be there for an ill parent and I know this from personal experience but we do it from a place of love. I’m so happy to hear that your dream of contributing to your motherland through the military is being honoured by your kids and that must make you so proud indeed especially in the memory of your dear father who served not only his country and his people but the internationalist cause for human dignity for all people. I had to smile when I read that your dear dear mother smoked a pack of cigarettes a day! That generation was so very different from ours and they really lived life on their own terms. It is always a pleasure to share these stories of our lives that intertwine and please share as I shall also share our own stories – thank you for your very kind wishes, comrade, and may your dreams and may the dream of a better and more just and more humane and more gentle world be not just a long-away dream but something all of us in our own different ways may contribute towards ✊🏾. Aluta continua!

      5. Aluta continua..! Dear Afzal, I feel, dear friend, like I’ve always known you, as if we were the closest best friends in another previous life.. sometimes you know I believe in the reincarnation and maybe there’s true in this, I don’t know yet, but your words are speaking deeply to my mind and soul and I couldn’t agree more in all you’re saying about parents’ taking care and family and all that holy stuff which are respected by so few people in our modern days of selfishness and individualism, features so unknown to us both who really have unique feelings for our parents and families. Well, you know, I strongly believe that no deed, no human good benevolent action stays without a reward from life itself… what do I really mean? What I mean is that every action, every deed we make to all other people, relatives or not, friends or not, whatever action, good or bad, return directly to ouselves one day: life gives us back the price or the fee if you want of our own actions. All of our actions towards the other people are a true boomerang against or for us some day down the road. And as for me, life has given back to me all good or bad [unwillingly] things I’d ever made to other people and life is still giving back to me the good I’ve given.. This is true, believe me. And maybe you must have receive this life reward because of your holy love for your father and many other good deeds you’ve done, I am quite sure about that; it’s quite obvious and self-evident through your poetry, through your humane verse. My best regards, all my friendly and struggling wishes to you, my dearest comrade Afzal! Take good care of yourself and your beloved persons.:-):-):-)

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