Shades Magazine in Berlin presents: “War Machines Against the War Machine”

Shades online

Shades Magazine in Berlin presents:

November 24th, 7pm At Laidak Boddinstrasse 42

– Andrew Culp (US)
– Dana Papachristou (GR)
– Brett Zehner (US)

The discussion will be moderated by a member of the editorial team of Shades magazine

For more info:


In an open-form panel, Andrew Culp, Dana Papachristou and Brett Zehner will discuss cultural, aesthetic, and technical interventions in art and society today, concerning issues of the global empire, the rise of far right, techno-capitalism, and the paralysis of reformism. How can art, artistic research and creation address those conditions? Can the use of modern technology constitute tools and weapons to subvert systems of power and control? What tactics are being formed through art, and how can we use them?

Andrew Culp’s Dark Deleuze (2016) and A Guerilla Guide to Refusal (2022), as well as his movie Machines In Flames (2022, will be…

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