A note on anti-imperialism

Shades online

byLucifugo a diavolo un corpo

  1. Basic pillar of the anti-imperialist ideology is the “unequal economic development” of capitalism which entails one way or another to dominant and dominated nations and sates. Therefore, the categories of nations and state remain externally indifferent to each other and unmediated.
  2. And this due to Nations, according to anti imperialists, not being social and historical fields, which are shaped as specific terms of Capital’s reproduction and being probably pre-cataclysmic conditions of human existence in general which are only later being misappropriated by the bourgeois revolutions

  3. Nation as a general precondition and result of the homogenizing process of creating human “social capital”(modern civilians) is the predominantly political form of the bourgeois society which is limited by the State
    The “National Question” rises through the sweeping wave of the capitalist history from the first movements pf the emergence of this particular social form until the later…

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