Medicinal Plants and Healing Herbs

Bonjour From Brittany

Plants once played an important role in the traditional medicine of rural Brittany, being employed in a wide variety of remedies to treat all manner of ailments. Most of the tried and tested herbal recipes were tightly guarded secrets only handed down within the family unit. Fortunately, many of the old remedies were captured for posterity by forward thinking people keen to ensure the knowledge that had sustained generations of Bretons was not lost forever in the march to the modern world.

The folk remedies recorded below were noted in use in the eastern part of the region at the very end of the 19th century and do not, as far as I have been able, repeat any of the treatments and cures detailed in a previous post which predominantly focused on the healers of western Brittany.

medical plants - herbal remedies

Popular treatments for childhood maladies contained many of the same ingredients…

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    1. Yes, indeed, from one of my best friends who is a psychiatrist, novelist, poet and photographer! Thank you very much, have a nice and healthy wintertime! Wishes and greetings from beautiful and cold now Greece!

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