Music I’ve Loved : 2

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“Hector The Hero” – Aly Bain (violin/viola) & Ale Möller (cittern)

Aly Bain has been Scotland’s finest fiddler, in my opinion, since the 1980s. He grew up in love with the Shetlands and the North and has brought an utterly gorgeous lyricism to both interpreted and composed slow aires. His style, along with that of Martin Hayes who specializes in Irish music, is what keeps me going with my own playing in terms of having an impossible rainbow goal over the next horizon. Aly also sounds great, and very precise, with faster stuff like jigs, reels, and horpipes. He often collaborates with other trad musicians of a certain caliber, and so I have chosen a few old favorites to illustrate the variety of his range.

Ale Möller grew up within the Scandinavian musical traditions and for awhile busied himself with jazz before becoming a well-respected multi-instrumentalist and interpreter of various…

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