The Curse of A Tale: And Why each mother should make her child first, a storyteller?


Sound is important.

Anyone who takes on a story takes on the responsibility of passing it on. A.K Ramanujan, an Indian Poet and Folklorist wrote in the preface to his book Folktales from India, “Stories and words not only have weight; they also have wills and rages, and they can take different shapes and exact revenge against a person who doesn’t tell them and release them into the world.

They are there before any particular teller tells them; stories hate it when they are not passed on to others, for they can come into being again and again only in that act of translation.

If you know a tale, any tale; you owe it not only to others but to the tale itself to tell it; otherwise it suffocates.

Traditions have to be kept in good repair, transmitted, or else, beware, such tales seem to say, things will happen to…

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