Top 9 Blog Posts That Changed My Course of 2022; A Summary and A Start of a New Chapter


Well, this is it. Another year is done and we are looking to the clouds how and where it all went. But nature is no cheat. There is no lapse of a day, of a moment or even a blink. We live it. We are aware of it. We breathe each breath full.

One thing that I learnt while I was living 2022 was that even though I enjoy writing, it cannot be my end all. I take joy in walking more, in seeing and being at a place that urges me to contemplate, to talk to it. Somewhere that pushes me to dive deeper in aspects that i wasn’t aware of before. I love movement and I love challenging myself around those movements.

So I have decided I am not going to make resolutions anymore because somewhere deep within we know what is required of us at what time…

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