Clemency For Sweet Bird

||skirmishes|| ||with|| ||reality||

A timeless dialogue between love and the loved, or is it spirit and soul, or woman and man, or angelic and human, or forgiver and transgressor, or wise Sophia and turbulent Psyche…

She called him sweet bird
and reminded it with a whisper
softer than the secret spot he kissed
under the copper curls behind her neck
clemency, purest, stirs only in radical hearts
see how true light bears no ego
waiting with such sweetness
it hides in plainest view
and blinds the merely opportune
with its kind and sure audacity
and who cannot notice this gift
full benevolence in the moments
must pay in grievous keenness
in their very sculpting
of a subsequent biography

Winterlong encased stillness love
stayed the dark and the cold
I watched them from my window
brave little nodes of being
braver still now clothed in buds
unseal their love and peril

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